FRAQTAL -  Alfar de azulejos  - 
Fraqtal is born as a project that seeks to produce all kind of ceramic goods such as azulejos. This project is founded by an industrial designer, a mechant and an artisan, one of them in charge of creating ideas and concepts for products, the other in charge of the business part and the last one had all the knowledge and techniques for manipulating materials, methods and artifacs for creating ceramic goods. 
The brand has a clear arabic influence because they had all the firsts techniques for making azulejos and also because of the ascendency of one of the founders, so we gave each one a pesonality and a symbol based on the main elements for arabic architecture, and with that we created all the identity system for the brand: 
The tower - The basis - The artisan 
The balcony - The visionary - The enteprenuer 
The font - The creativity - The Designer
Yihad Gatas, Lina Giraldo

Concept & Design

Simón Londoño Sierra, Juan C. Castillo
Lettering for logo
Simón Londoño Sierra
Juan C. Castillo​​​​​​​

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